Mardi Gras and Masquerade Mask Images
From the Gypsy Renaissance Mask Collection

These masks are the culmination of over 35 years of mask making by
the renowned mask maker, Alexis Seepo.

The following masquerade masks are from the Simple Pleasures Collection,
The least expensive masks in the Gypsy Renaissance Collection:

Bianca Mask

Bianca Mask Close-up

Bianca Companion Mask

CoCo Mask

Delilah Mask

Delilah Companion Mask

Goldie Mask

Goldie Companion Mask

Liza Mask

Liza Companion Mask

Sweetheart Mask

Sweetheart Mask Close-up

Sweetheart Companion Mask

Valentina Mask

Valentina Mask Close-up

Valentina Companion Mask

ZsaZsa Mask

ZsaZsa Companion Mask

The following Masquerade Masks are from the Enchanted Evening Collection.
These are extremely elegant and beautifully constructed Masquerade Masks.

Broadway Mask

Broadway Mask Close-up

Broadway Companion Mask

Cinderella Mask

Cinderella Companon Mask

Dawn Mask

Dawn Companion Mask

Midnight Mask

Midnight Companion Mask

Opera Mask

Opera Mask Close-up

Opera Companion Mask

Nocturne Mask

Nocturne Mask Close-up

Nocturne Companion


Paris Close-up

Paris Companion

More to Come Soon!!